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 Posted: Tue Nov 24th, 2015 01:58 pm
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Here ist the answer of your question Anne, about Christmas dinner in Spain.

In Spanish, Christmas Eve is called "La Noche Buena," literally translated as "The Good Night." In Spain it is celebrated with a large family feast, which is eaten late in the evening and can last a couple hours. Some families attend midnight mass before or after, although many families are still finishing dinner around the table at midnight! In Spain, Christmas Eve is a time for celebrating in neighborhood bars and cafes, and around the table with family and friends. It is not a time for gift exchanges or Santa Claus. That must wait until January 6th, which is Epiphany, another religious holiday.
Christmas Eve is the most important part of Christmas in Spain and dinner that day is the biggest meal of the year, but there is nothing as ubiquitous as turkey.

In the past 'pavo trufado' (turkey stuffed with truffles) was a popular dish with the country's elite, but this is not common - I have yet to meet anyone who has ever had it.

The only rule today is that people eat 'well' (and probably expensively). Lobster is very common, and a roast of some sort is essential (usually lamb or suckling pig).

Our family has lived in differents country so we take always a little from all of theme and bring it into our lives.
My husband is from Italy I´m from Germany we lived a couple of years in Argentina and now for more than 25 years we are living in Spain.

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