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Welcome to the Pixels Art Workshop.

I'm sure we will have lots of fun pixelling, learning and sharing, and we can hardly wait to see your creations. Make yourself at home.

Pixels Art Workshop

Please read the guideline below, it will make life easier for all of us, so we could have more fun and enjoy the forum.

Guideline: May be subject to change depending of the needs of the members.

1. Image size no larger than 600 pixels on the largest side, especially if you post a screen capture to show the details. If larger please provide a link for it. This will be very appreciated for those on dial up.

2. If you would like some constructive critics, please use the critics’ icon in your post along with a description with your difficulties so we could guide you better.

3. Question or Help: Please add to your post description, so this way it will be easier for us to see and will make those posts a priority.

4. We strongly recommend replying to other post, as others will or do take the time to reply to yours, also by sharing and interacting with each other, we will have more fun and create a pleasant atmosphere. Remember this is your forum too.

5. If you animate a challenge please post it in the Animation Station with a link in this Forum to it. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

If you have a tutorial for Pixels Art , we would be glad to add it to our resources list.

Pixels Art Workshop site is where you will find loads of resources for your pixels art, from tips and tricks, tutorial, outline and lots more.

Get inspired and browse what our members did at the Pixel Art Showroom.

Pixel Art Showroom

In need of a sigtag, check out our sigtag maker. PhotoImpact International Sigtag Maker. Under reconstruction at this time.

Sig-Tag Bank

Thank You
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