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 Posted: Thu Apr 10th, 2008 03:19 am
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Joined: Wed Feb 6th, 2008
Location: Pennsylvania USA
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Name: Tyzzye

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Hello and Welcome!  I am Tyzzye, moderator for the "Getting to Know You" forum.  

If you have questions, you can post them to the appropriate forum or please feel free to send me a private message.  PII is a wonderful community, a warm and friendly family that is eager to help.

Due to the time zone differences, please forgive me if I am asleep when you post, however, you will find this international family rocks 24/7.

Post your introduction by clicking on "New Topic" at the top of the page.

Please include as much information as you are comfortable sharing about your hobbies, where you are from, etc. Our family is your family and it is fun to know where our "board relatives" hail from.

Do not include your own introduction within another thread because we would hate to miss greeting you.

WORKSHOP MEMBERS: If you are posting here as a requirement for beginning level 2 of the workshop, please include that information in your message.

Remember to check back on your intro post as often members pose questions for you in their responses.

You will find useful information concerning available board resources in the forum Sharing and Resources.


We invite everyone to include a personalized sigtag of your choice. Please keep the size to NO more than 250 pixels when adding the height and width of your image.

If too large, you will be asked to resize or remove it due to the "oversize limit". If you need further information on making a sigtag, you can refer to this information:

 All images posted to the board should be no larger than 600 pixels in any one direction. This rule applies for all forums. We appreciate your being mindful of our members who are using a dial up connection. The smaller your image, without degradation, is appreciated.

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