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Joined: Thu Feb 7th, 2008
Posts: 27
Time Zone: EDT Eastern Daylight N America UTC -4
Name: stan

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Currently I am going back to old workshop tutorials in PI and using them to become more familiar with drawing functions. Basically, I use PI for editing photos and have been since somewhere around 1998.

My wife of 63 years died a few months ago and I am adjusting to a new life where I need more things to do.I've been trying to get out (in winter) and take more photos. And also been doing what I mentioned above. In addition I have been taking piano lessons (not the first time) and am focused on playing jazz arrangements of songs from the 40s and 50s.

Periodically I pop in here to ask for help which I have always received.


By the way, I'm 86 years old.

DPO Co-Moderator

Joined: Thu Feb 28th, 2008
Location: Maryland USA
Posts: 18694
Time Zone: EST Eastern Std N America UTC -5
Name: Joanne

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Oh my, Stan. 63 years of marriage. That is an admirable feat.
My condolences on the lose of your wife. I am sure that adjusting to a new life at this point is a challenge. However, it does sound like you are getting out there and filling your time with some very worthwhile activities.

I look forward to seeing your work here in PII.


Joined: Tue Aug 18th, 2015
Location: Spain
Posts: 6364
Time Zone: CEST Central European Summer Europe UTC +2
Name: Monika

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It was a long marriage and I thinking you do good to be busy and try to do new and thinks.
It has to be difficult to change your life.


Joined: Thu Jan 31st, 2008
Location: Arkansas USA
Posts: 24869
Time Zone: CST Central Standard N America UTC -6
Name: Cindy

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Long time together with your love, and the love isn't gone at all. I'm sure she is with you where ever you go and what ever you do. I'm glad you are getting out and doing things! Probably hard to do sometimes, but a good thing! We're here for ya! :)


Joined: Sun Feb 10th, 2008
Location: Grafton, Australia
Posts: 10627
Time Zone: ACDT Australian Central Daylight Aus UTC +10:30
Name: Spirit13au

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Welcome back Stan. I am so sorry for your loss. As Cindy has said we are here for you may you need a friendly ear. Looking forward to viewing your creations

Love Spirit :wiggle


Joined: Wed Feb 13th, 2008
Location: Sumter, South Carolina USA
Posts: 8294
Time Zone: EST Eastern Std N America UTC -5
Name: Pauline

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Stan, that must be really hard to get used to after so long. I've been married 53 yrs myself. It's so good you are filing your time with things you like to do.

Doing tutorials is my best way to learn new programs. That's mostly how I learned how to use Photoshop. But I took the BW twice, once in 2006 and again to brush up in 2009. Now I am more comfortable working with layers.

Stay creative and show us your work!

Moderator Camera Club

Joined: Thu Feb 7th, 2008
Location: Eagleby, Qld, Australia
Posts: 12299
Time Zone: EST Eastern Std Aus UTC +10
Name: Mary

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Hi Stan thinking of you at this time, every day must be a real challenge after so many year together with your dear wife. It's great that you're trying to fill in your time creatively.

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