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Garhardt T. "Gary" Hansen
1932 - 2006
Happy Little Viking

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Gary Hansen, a much loved and very popular member of the PhotoImpact community passed away on 20th November, 2006...... Our hearts go out to Gary's family at this very sad time and thank them for allowing us to provide this page in his memory.

Gary Hansen was born on Santa Catalina Island off the coast of California in 1932. After graduating from Avalon High School he served four years in the U.S. Air Force. Gary then worked for North American Aviation Engineering Department in the flight test area. He went on to driving a truck for 15 years and then went into the appliance sales and service business. His real passion was cartooning though so he was able to settle down to doing more of this type of art during his retirement years with the use of PhotoImpact.

It was inevitable that Gary would take on a love of art in some form or another because his father too was an artist in his own right, but being colored blind it was down to Gary to help his dad by mixing his oil paint colors for him. Gary's own talent for drawing reared it's head when he got caught drawing in class whilst in 6th grade at school. Thankfully his teacher, a talented part-time caricaturist herself saw promise in those drawings so rather than be angry, she assisted by teaching him everything she knew.

Gary, was lovingly known as the "Happy Little Viking" or "HLV" on the PhotoImpact International Bulletin Board.

Gary was very active in the Animation Forum and was always willing to offer help and instructions to others who would like to learn. He co-authored several clipart CD's with his Viking Folklore partner Norma "Acadie" Murphy.

"Farewell, Gary" animation courtesy and © Robert - Viking Animations

He brought fun and laughter to the board too and because of this, everyone who knew him couldn't wait to see what he would come up with next! An almost daily feature was the "war" between the Vikings and Wizards, one always trying to outdo the other through the wit in their animations. Barry (Barlekis the Wizard) and Gary were longtime buddies. It was one thing that kept him going and made him laugh and put a smile on his face. Their antics attracted new members to the animation forum.

© Tom, a longtime friend of Gary, expressing his feelings of sadness.

Here are some snippets from the posts on our bulletin board
expressing the feelings of some of our members:

Gary's passing is a great loss to all who knew him. He co-authored several clipart CD's with his Viking-Folklore partner Norma "Acadie" Murphy and taught Digital Cartooning classes at Visual Arts Academy for almost 2 years. Anyone who took his classes said he was a natural born teacher with a wonderful sense of humour! Gary assigned the copyright of his graphic art to Norma "Acadie" Murphy and his Cartooning classes to Visual Arts Academy, where they will continue to be taught under the watchful and talented eye of Acadie.

The memory of Gary Hansen will live long in our hearts and lives, we hope he in turn is smiling down on us!


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The PhotoImpact International Team.


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