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PhotoImpact International Forums.

Our forums are just full of fun, educational activities and tutorials. Everyone
is there cheering you on or giving you advice if you need it. Visit today and enjoy!

Expanding Horizons

A forum about creativity. The MODS of this forum have 2 four week forums going. This forum will challenge your mind and your creativity.

Animation Station

This forum really has things moving. Visit this forum to learn how to get those
graphics moving. Lots of fun tutorials are posted here.

Camera Club

The Camera Club is a "snappy" place. They always have a shutterbug shoot out going with different subjects.
The MODS are friendly and ready to help with your camera and photo questions.

Dynamic Path Objects

The object of this forum is, well, Objects. You'll be encouraged to participate in the challenges and post the objects you have created in PhotoImpact.

Facebook Covers

Let's decorate your Facebook Cover page

Fun with Images & Shapes

The MODS of this forum post a shape & an image weekly. It's up to your imagination to get creative with them.

Painting Basics

Show off your digital painting skills in this forum, or if you always wanted
to be a painter, now's your chance.

Photo Magic

A monthly photo challenge gives you ideas for manipulation, restoration
and enhancement off your photographs.

Pixel Art Workshop

This is the place to learn everything you need to know how to create pixel art.

Scrapbooking & Crafts

If you are a scrapbooker, then this is the forum for you. If you are not
a scrapbooker, visit this forum and I promise you will be hooked
in a matter of minutes.

Show & Tell Forum

This forum is to show off what you've made that just doesn't fit in any of the other forums.
Let the world see what you've created with PhotoImpact.

Study Hall

Workshop classes for Beginner Scrapbooking.

Birthday Announcements

Our Birthday Fairy Birgit maintains a list of bulletin board member's birthdays. If you would like to be added to that list with a link to your site, please PM Birgit with PhotoImpact International Birthday Calender in the subject line. Birthdays wil be announced in the General Forum of our board.

We also have a PhotoImpact Help, Tech and Web Support forum, along with a Sharing Forum offering New Tutorials, Giveaways & Free Resources where you will find a listing of our most recent tutorials, downloads and freebies.

Check out all the forums as each one has interesting and creative activities to do, as well as learning new things. Most of all, you will meet some fantastic people and make lasting friendships on our board.

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