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Welcome News about Other Animation Programmes!!! - Animation Station - Activity Forums Novice to Advanced -- There is something for You - PhotoImpact International Forum
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 Posted: Sat Mar 14th, 2009 11:46 pm
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Important News

Guess What!!!!

 If you use other animation programmes to animate, programmes like

PaintShop Pro's Animation Shop

Xara Xtreme

or any other Graphics based animation programme.

You are now allowed to post them in the Animation Station!

All you have to do when posting them is to tell us what programme you used.

This is really fantastic news.

Thank you Spirit and Billie.:hug:hug

Please also read the few rules that I have set out below.

Just a Few Ground Rules

1. Please be mindful of your animations weight for those members that are on Dial-up.

2. Animations should be no bigger than 400 x 400. This can be changed around say 600 x 200 etc

3. If you do one of the Challenges that are posted in the "Animation Station" then they must be posted at the Animation Station and not at the "Show and Tell" forum.

4. If you have made an animation that is not a challenge or is made with another programme, you are allowed to post it over at Show and Tell. I would appreciate it if you also posted your animation in the Animation Station as well. I always love to see the animations that you do. :cheers

 The main aim of animation is to have heaps of fun.

So lets get animating!!!!


Life is an animation, you choose what goes in the frames

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